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Updated March 22, 2015
(let me know if soundfiles don't work)

There are several really good reasons for listening to the soundfiles of music you are playing:

  1. To get a sense of how the music sounds, its style, its phrasing, its harmonies
  2. Following your music while listening to the soundfile (not playing) helps you learn how your part fits with the whole and helps you learn to keep your place
  3. Playing along with the music gives you more opportunities to "practice with the group" than you can get just in rehearsals.


FOR THE WINTER/SPRING SEMESTER (these will open in a new tab in your browser)


For the MUSIC FOR LIFE FESTIVAL, we will be playing the following pieces, all together as a combined group of players from all three bands (Portsmouth Music & Arts Center New Horizons Band - Russ Grazier, director; New Horizons Band of the Lakes Region - Mary Divers, director; Sudbury Valley New Horizons Band - Diane Muffitt, director).

  • Horks - another section of Linconlshire Posy! This is the first part. Here is the original version (ours is a bit lower than the original and simplified) (Mary)
  • VarOv - demo version of a classic band piece from the early 1960s. Here is another version - I think it has more interest than the demo, although devoid of much in the way of dynamics. (Mary)
  • Waves - this will stretch your ears!! Every time it is play, though, it sounds a little different because of the contemporary writing. (Russ)
  • Game - here is the demo version of our arrangement. (Russ)
  • BelgParat - our version - This demo version is WAY too fast. Listen to the original for the correct tempo! March of the Belgian Paratroopers (this is the original, not our version) - Here is a Marine Band performance of this wonderful march. Exaggerate the dynamics as the wind blows the parachutes! (Diane)
  • Gershwin - this is a recording of the SVNHM rehearsal July 2012. (Diane)

Each band will also play two pieces on our own. We will decide ours later.

For our SVNHM spring concert, will will play some of the above pieces and we will also be preparing:

  • 64 - Keep in mind that this is a computer generated file (because you are the first to play it!). The computer program does not have the capability to emote, so dynamics are missing, the tempo is exact (boring), etc. BUT, it is still useful to hear how the parts go (but not to hear the balance - ick!! )
  • Romance - originally for horn solo, the solo has been transcribed so that any instrument can take part of it. We will divide it up so that many people will have an opportunity to play part of it. Everyone has the full solo part so that you may mess around with it and piano parts for the accompaniment are available if you'd like a copy.
  • Oregon - Great melody commemorating the travel westward of our pioneers, the excitement, the fear, the sadness.


All of our tunes now have an MP3 of our version of the piece as well as the original or a YouTube link.

  • Irish Tune - mp3, not YouTube. Irish Tune from County Derry (otherwise known as Londonderry Air) - this is a nice YouTube version - not sure who is playing. Percy Grainger arranged this and the Shepherd's Hey and put them together as one work. (don't worry, we won't do Shepherd's Hey that fast!) Performed here by the Cleaveland Winds. This melody is on that is often danced to by Morris Dances. To watch said dance, follow the link to a YouTube video by the Buckland Shag Morris Men
  • LostLady Demo of our version. For all three of these Grainger pieces, I recommend you purchase a CD or the tracks from iTunes or other mp3 seller. LostLady is from a longer work, Lincolnshire Posy
  • Frozen-our version (not on YouTube). Frozen - On YouTube, an interesting new teacher's tool from Hal Leonard Pub., where you see the whole score go by and listen to the demo recording! Cool.
  • Fanfare, etc - here is the demo of our version. Kevin recommends the following YouTube vid, too. It isn't the same piece, but gives you the sense of 16th century music and the back and forth of the conversation.
  • KindGentle - what a piece... wow. Here is the demo version.


  • Bogey - Here is a summer rehearsal from 2012 so you can play along. USN Band performance of the original - notice there is a part that we don't have in our arrangement.
  • Beatles - follow the link  for the demo.   It is only a partial recording, though.  Or you can play along with a YouTube performance at  Not the best performance (it is a middle school, after all!) but it is decent and will give you a feel for the piece.
  • Gershwin - this is a recording of our rehearsal July 2012
  • AshFarewl This OUR recording from Spring 2014. Nice. There were a few notes that got out of control and the last note had too much cresc on it. Also, the snare & bass got off and came in 2 meas late into 52 and then tried to play at 60, but they were watching and I could get them back on track by 68! I have done this piece MANY times, but this is definitely one of the best performances of it - passionate, peaceful... Bravo!
  • America the Beautiful - a gorgeous version.... (sorry that it cuts of abruptly at the end!)
  • GodBlessAm - This is the recording of the new version, from our May 2014 concert
  • Johnny - This is the recording from the Cape Concert. Also find the original by Chuck Berry to get a flavor of the piece in case you don't know it.
  • Lassus - this is our May 2012 concert recording
  • Yankee / Chester - also our July 4 rehearsal recording
  • Greasy - this is a recording of my kids a few years ago - Some messiness and they don't get the subtleties (it was a, "we have 2 weeks before the concert - let's put this together...") But, you can play along and get a sense of the piece! It is an old piece and no longer in print and there are no YouTube renditions (there are some of the same title, but a different piece).

SWING BAND (these will open in a new tab in your browser)

OUR MOST RECENT RECORDINGS (these will open in a new tab in your browser)Band

Concert December 6, 2014


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