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Updated May 27, 2014
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FOR THE FALL SEMESTER (these will open in a new tab in your browser)

  • Holst - Kevin sent this YouTube version, saying that he loved how organic it felt. It is the US Marine Band with Frederick Fennel. You can't get a much better combination that that!!!
  • Korean Folk Rhapsody. Follow the link for a demo version of our arrangement. This piece is based on one of the favorite Korean Folk Songs, Arirang. Be sure to also listen to this YouTube version of the original folk song, sung by the Members of Seo-Do Traditional Songs Institute with accompaniment by the Korean National Classical Orchestra (notice how much of the audience is singing along). I only wish that there were more focus on some of the traditional Korean instruments being played. To see an orchestra of traditional Korean instruments, follow the link (they are playing another traditional song, "Soaring").
  • Barnum and Bailey's Favorite March. Follow the link for the demo version of our arrangement - notice the dynamics!!! Here is a YouTube version of the Cleveland Winds conducted by Frederick Fennell (one of the great band masters of all time!). This is the approriate tempo - circus marches are FAST! and often LOUD! They are called "Screamers". The original of this is one tough piece. And another version, but the US Marine Corp band, recorded in 1951 - interesting.


  • Bogey - Here is a summer rehearsal from 2012 so you can play along. USN Band performance of the original - notice there is a part that we don't have in our arrangement.
  • Beatles - follow the link  for the demo.   It is only a partial recording, though.  Or you can play along with a YouTube performance at  Not the best performance (it is a middle school, after all!) but it is decent and will give you a feel for the piece.
  • Gershwin - this is a recording of our rehearsal July 2012
  • AshFarewl This OUR recording from Spring 2014. Nice. There were a few notes that got out of control and the last note had too much cresc on it. Also, the snare & bass got off and came in 2 meas late into 52 and then tried to play at 60, but they were watching and I could get them back on track by 68! I have done this piece MANY times, but this is definitely one of the best performances of it - passionate, peaceful... Bravo!
  • Beguine - this is a pretty good YouTube High School performance.
    And a second Beguine from YouTube, this time a college performance from the 80s. It is cleaner and interesting to watch the players (if you don't get sea sick from the back and forth of the camera person!), but I like the spirit of the HS version better.
  • Guys & Dolls - No demo recording available, but here is a band playing our arrangement. This is a British band and they have a nice sound and get the nuances. Enjoy! (Be sure to get the original musical numbers, too, so that you know the words to the songs and can understand the emotions. We will have a movie night in the fall and watch it, or watch it on your own.) One of the great Broadway musicals of all times...
  • America the Beautiful - a gorgeous version.... (sorry that it cuts of abruptly at the end!)
  • GodBlessAm - This is the recording of the new version, from our May 2014 concert
  • Johnny - This is the recording from the Cape Concert. Also find the original by Chuck Berry to get a flavor of the piece in case you don't know it.
  • Lassus - this is our May 2012 concert recording
  • Yankee / Chester - also our July 4 rehearsal recording
  • Greasy - this is a recording of my kids a few years ago - Some messiness and they don't get the subtleties (it was a, "we have 2 weeks before the concert - let's put this together...") But, you can play along and get a sense of the piece! It is an old piece and no longer in print and there are no YouTube renditions (there are some of the same title, but a different piece).

SWING BAND (these will open in a new tab in your browser)



CONCERT, MAY 4, 2013

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